You can go through my learning history and hacktivity on this page. Here i’ll share the resources I used to learn different topics in cybersecurity. I’ll also provide links & material which I followed as a reference.


4 Weired Google VRP Bugs in 40 Minutes

Red Team Ops with Cobalt Strike

Active Directory Pentesting - Red Team

Atomic Red Team: Hands-on Labs | Carrie & Darin Roberts - BLACK HILLS INFOSEC

Slides, Github, Discord, Walkthrough, Labs, Certificate

AZ-900 Study Guide - Adam Marczak

The future of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Offensive Security - DEFCON

DEFCON Red Team Village

Kubernetes Bootcamp - Edureka

Azure Fundamentals Exam Cram - Inside Cloud and Security.

Released ReconSpider 1.0.7 Update on Github.

Adversary Emulation and Red Teaming with Mitre Att&ck Framework.

Pwned Bashed Machine on HackTheBox.

Machine Link, Certificate of Completion

Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) Training

Course Link, Certificate of Completion

Splunk 7.x Fundamentals Training

Course Link, Certificate of Completion

AZ-900 Prep Day 3: Network Security Features & identity, governance, privacy, and compliance.

AZ-900 Prep Day 2: Azure services & Management Tools.

AZ-900 Prep Day 1: Learning Azure Fundamentals & Cloud Concepts.

Learning Markdown Language Concepts in detail. e.g. Reference-Links & variables.

How to prevent OWASP Top 10 Security Risks & Vulnerabilities.

Shell Shock Vulnerability in Unix Bash Shell.

Learning Netlify Deployment & Configuring Build.

Go Hugo Framework Functions, Variables, CLI, Configuration in toml.

Getting started with Go Hugo Framework & Go Language Modules.